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#ifndef _weaponobject_h_
#define _weaponobject_h_

#include "allegro.h"
#include <vector>
#include "spaceobj.h"

using namespace std;

class WeaponObject{

      //basic constructor
      WeaponObject( int direction, const char * name, int _worth, int _alignment, int _strength, int _max_strength );

      //process: draws onto bitmap (unused)
      virtual void Draw(BITMAP * less, int x, int y);

      //process: shoots a bullet, able to use enemy as target
      virtual void MakeShot(int x, int y, vector< SpaceObject * > * Ammo, vector< SpaceObject * > * fight );

      //if we dont shoot, we idle. yay!
      virtual void Idle( int x, int y, vector< SpaceObject * > * Ammo, vector< SpaceObject * > * fight );

      // increase strength by q, cannot excede max_power
      virtual void IncreasePower( int q );
      virtual int getPower();

      //return the name of this gun
      virtual const char * GetName() const;

      //how much the gun costs
      virtual int Worth();

      //returns the maximum strength of the gun
      virtual int maxPower();

      //returns a copy of this object
      virtual WeaponObject * copy();

      virtual ~WeaponObject();

      int shot_counter; //how much time till next shot
      int strength;           //how strong this gun is
      int max_strength; //how strong this gun can possibly be
      int dir;          //direction to shoot in, -1 or 1
      int gun_type;           //useless gun type number
      int worth;        //how much the gun is worth
      const char * gun_name;  //name of gun
      int alignment;          //which grouping gun makes bullets for
      SAMPLE * smp;           //played during Makeshot or Idle



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