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#ifndef _space_h_
#define _space_h_

#include "allegro.h"
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

class HullObject;
class WeaponObject;
class ExplosionClass;
class Section;
class Group;
class SpaceObject{

      SpaceObject( int sx, int sy, double qx, double qy, HullObject * mhull, Group * _group, int plane, int ali );

      //Hitme: calls hull->Inside( x, y, ax, ay )
      virtual bool HitMe( int ax, int ay );

      //Collide: determines if have collided with another object
      virtual bool Collide(SpaceObject * check);

      //Damage: decreases life returns true if 0 or less
      virtual bool Damage( double much );

      //Hurt: returns amount of damage object does when colliding with 
      //another object
      virtual double Hurt();

      //Draw: if plane == g then draw self
      virtual void Draw(BITMAP * less, ExplosionClass ** _expl, int MAX_EXPLR, int g, int offset );

      //Shadow: draw a shadow the same way as the Draw() method
      virtual void Shadow(BITMAP * less, int g, int offset );
      //MoveReal: generic algorithm to move coordinates with doubles
      virtual void MoveReal();

      //PowerUp: determines whether or not ship should turn into a powerup or money
      virtual bool powerUp();

      //GiveHull: replace old hull with hnew
      virtual void giveHull( HullObject * hnew );

      virtual bool needSpecial();
      virtual bool acceptSpecial();

      virtual Group * getGroup();
      //ammo - array of pointers to bullets
      //fight = array of pointers to ships
      virtual bool MoveMe( vector< SpaceObject * > * Ammo, vector< SpaceObject * > * fight, Section * onscreen,DATAFILE * snd);

      //process: changes check according to death of object
      virtual void Died(SpaceObject * check,ExplosionClass ** explr,int ME,DATAFILE * sd );

      //process: returns hull->life
      virtual double getLife();

      //returns alignment
      virtual int Team();

      //return dx and dy respectively
      virtual double getDX();
      virtual double getDY();

      //return accelx and accely respectively
      virtual double getAccelX();
      virtual double getAccelY();

      //process: sets the coordinates to x=ax, y=ay
      void SetCoordXY( int ax, int ay );

      //process: increments objects score
      virtual void IncScore( int j );

      //returns hull->drawlevel
      virtual int lookPlane();

      //process: returns whether or not object can be hit
      virtual bool CanbeHit( SpaceObject * ht );

      //forces object to have no group
      virtual void Independent();
      //gives the hull a weapon at slot num
      virtual void giveWeapon( WeaponObject * weap, int num );

      virtual void eraseWeapon( int num );

      virtual void Collided( SpaceObject * who, ExplosionClass ** explr, int M_EX );

      //adds an object to the collide list
      virtual void addCollide( SpaceObject * who );

      //check to see if the object is in the collide list
      virtual bool haveCollide( SpaceObject * who );

      //clears the collide list
      virtual void clearCollide();

      virtual ~SpaceObject();

      //returns an exact copy of this object
      virtual SpaceObject * copy();

      //draws self on the radar
      virtual void Radar( BITMAP * rad );

      virtual void setX( int x );
      virtual void setY( int y );
      virtual void setX( double x );
      virtual void setY( double y );
      virtual void setDX( double x );
      virtual void setDY( double y );
      virtual void setAccelX( double x );
      virtual void setAccelY( double y );
      virtual void setScore( int s );
      virtual void setStrength( int s );
      virtual void setPlane( int p );
      virtual void setAlignment( int a );
      virtual HullObject * getHull(); 

      virtual int getX();
      virtual int getY();
      virtual double getVX();
      virtual double getVY();
      virtual int getScore();
      virtual int getStrength();
      virtual int getPlane();
      virtual int getAlignment();


      int actualx, actualy;   // position in integer format
      double virtualx, virtualy; // position in double format
      double dx, dy; // velocity 
      double accel_x, accel_y; //acceleration
      int score;
      int str;

      int plane;
      int alignment;

      HullObject * hull;
      Group * my_group;

      vector< SpaceObject * > collide_list;



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